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        Map to Steffen Log House on North Bay in Door County Wisconsin

        Steffen Log House on North Bay is located 7 miles north of Baileys Harbor, 4 miles south of Ephraim, 4 miles southeast of Sister Bay and 3 miles from Cana Island and the Cana Island Lighthouse.

        To Steffen Log House on North Bay:

        Take I-43 North toward Green Bay to Highway 57 through Sturgeon Bay to Highway Q at Baileys Harbor.   Turn right on Sunset Road.

        Contact us for reservations:

        Peter and Donna Steffen

        12112 North Wauwatosa Road

        Mequon, WI 53097

        Phone: 262-242-0194

        Email: americancountryfarm@yahoo.com

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        copyright 2009 American Country Farm


        9394 Sunset Road   Baileys Harbor, WI  54202

        to Steffen Log House


        North Bay, Door County, Wisconsin

        North Bay, Door County, Wisconsin