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        9394 Sunset Road   Baileys Harbor, WI  54202

        in Door County Wisconsin

        Steffen Log House on North Bay, Door County Wisconsin

        Steffen Log House on North Bay

        STEFFEN LOG HOUSE on North Bay is located 7 miles north of Baileys Harbor, 4 miles south of Ephraim, 4 miles southeast of Sister Bay and 3 miles from Cana Island and the Cana Island Lighthouse.  Walks, bike rides and jogs await you in this peaceful, panoramic setting.  We are at the end of a blacktop road but cottages are nearby.  We are somewhat private but we are not entirely isolated. 

        Inside Steffen Log House

        Inside Steffen Log House

        STEFFEN LOG HOUSE on North Bay is a beautiful log cottage on North Bay's waterfront.  Complete with large kitchen, dining room, living room, private decks and two second-story bedrooms and large bathroom, this historic home has been featured on the cover of Country Living Magazine.

        This waterfront cottage offers outstanding views of sunsets over pristine North Bay.

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        North Bay Barn, Door County Wisconsin

        North Bay Barn Guest House

        NORTH BAY BARN GUEST HOUSE is a remodeled log and frame guest house with fireplace, kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, and deck.  Rental only with Steffen Log House, located 100 ft away.

        Both Steffen Log House and North Bay Barn Guest House are decorated in antique furniture.  Truly Old World charm with modern amenities.

        Contact us for reservations:

        Peter and Donna Steffen

        12112 North Wauwatosa Road

        Mequon, WI 53097

        Phone: 262-242-0194

        Email: americancountryfarm@yahoo.com

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        copyright 2009 American Country Farm


        Steffen Log House